Planning on visiting Angkor Wat?

You may have seen the perfect sunrise shot of Cambodia’s incredible Angkor Wat on instagram, but have you ever considered visiting yourself? The Angkor Temples are regarded as one of the most incredible archaeological sites on earth. It spans for over 400 … Read More

Getting withdrawal from your trip to Cambodia?

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Siem Reap – the gateway to the Angkor Ruins!

Visiting the Angkor ruins is at the top of the list of Cambodian sites for most tourists. However very few know about the tiny town at the edge of the site, where you can rest and play after your exploration.  Siem Reap … Read More

How much do you know about Angkor?

Its easy to get caught up in the breathtaking beauty of the Angkor Temples, or, as it is translated to ‘ the city of Temples’. In fact, the Angkor Temples are the primary reason that more than 50% of international … Read More

Angkor Wat – one of mans most incredible constructions

The Angkor Temples provides an unmatchable source of national pride for Cambodia and its people. The monumental size of the site is impressive alone, spanning for over 400 square kilometres. However considering the entire place is an architectural tribute to … Read More