ChildSafe Movement

Who is ChildSafe

ChildSafe is a global movement empowered by the non-profit organization Friends International, and aims to protect children and youth around the world. ChildSafe builds a protective environment for children, especially street children, to safeguard them from abusive situations. It directly involves the local and international community – especially businesses, families and key community leaders, as well as travelers. ChildSafe trains key people to keep their eyes wide open, recognize situations when children might be at risk and know how to respond.

How we work with them

As a proud ChildSafe Supporter, Book Angkor Tuk Tuk actively promotes the protection of children in our workplace and community. Siem Reap has many children and youth, who are at risk of various types of abuse and exploitation, including sexual exploitation, forced street begging and being institutionalized in orphanages for profit. Unfortunately many of these activities are targeted at travelers. We inform our customers on these issues and provide practical guidance on how to avoid these risks and recommend alternative experiences that positively impact our community and help you get the best experiences on your holiday. We also follow the 7 ChildSafe Actions and Recommendations to protect children in the workplace and support our employee’s families.

Some of their key activities


Awareness raising through ChildSafe campaigns on responsible travel: “Children Are Not Tourist Attractions” and “7 Tips for Travelers”. Download the 7 tips for travelers PDF


ChildSafe trainings and workshops for travelers and citizens.


24/7 operational helpline to report child abuse.