West Mebon

West Mebon is the ruins of the central island temple of the West Baray. It is in poor shape, consisting mainly of a single wall displaying some carvings in fair condition. The carvings exhibit some of the first examples of carvings of animals in natural, non-

mythological scenes, reminiscent of carving on Baphuon. This temple may have originally housed a renowned bronze Buddha statue which is now held at the National Museum in Phnom Penh. The West Baray, though ancient, is filled with water year round and has become a local recreational area. The temple was constructed in the late 11th century by Udayadityavarman VII inĀ Baphuon style, and is located 12kms West of Siem Reap.

West Mebon


Middle of the 11th century




Udayadityavarman II