Wat Atwea

Wat Atwea is a Hundu affiliated temple constructed in the late 11th century by Suryavarman II in typical Khmer style, and is located about 8kms South of Siem Reap town. Though lacking carvings, this laterite and sandstone temple is still in relatively good condition. It bears no inscriptions to allow precise dating but seems to have been constructed employing Angkor Wat architectural style, which is particularly apparent in the towers, suggestive of late 11th century construction. This temple seems to have been left unfinished as evidenced in part by the lack of carvings. This site provides many photo opportunities at any time of the day, and due to the fact it is mostly-untouristed due to its location it provides a great site to visit.

Wat Atwea


Late 11th century


Angkor Wat


Suryavarman II