Spean Thma

Spean Thma is one of the more curious of the AAP sites. Spean Thma translates to stone bridge, which is literally what it was. Spean Thma is the remnants of an ancient bridge that led over the Siem Reap River. The bridge has been repaired many times over the centuries, but dates as early as the 9th. The bridge appears to be on land next to the river, although this is an indication of how much the river has moved over time, and is a reminder of the sheer power and mystery of nature. It was constructed with stone and laterite bricks, likely sourced from earlier temples. It is often visited between traveling from Angkor Thom to Ta Keo, and is literally a few feet from the road. You could spend 10 minutes here, although it remains largely un-complex in regards to other Khmer construction sites.
Spean Thma


9th century