Preah Pithu Group

The Preah Pithu Group is a set of five small temples located in a quiet site within the walls of Angkor Thom, close to Preah Palilay. This site has been dated back to the early 12th century, and was constructed by Survayarman II as a Hindu temple, although one of the temples has been identified as Buddhist and dates later to the 14th century. The temples are fairly deteriorated but boast carved lintels scattered around the site. Preah Pithu is a favourite for tourists in the area, but is often less visited than many of the other sites which makes it a peaceful refuge for travellers. (Especially due to the peaceful jungle area right behind)
You could easily spend 30 minutes here, with the lintels providing great photos, and anytime of the day is suitable to do so.

Preah Pithu Group


Early 12th century


Angkor Wat


Suryavarman II