Preah Ko

'Temple of the sacred cow', or Preah Ko is a Hindu temple in the far South East of the Angkor Archaeological Park. It was patroned by Indravarman I in the late 9th century and consists of mainly sandstone which has left a lot of the carvings un-identifiable. Preah

Ko consists of six towers sat upon a platform originally surrounded by walls and gopuras of which only vestiges remain. This site was one of the first major temples of the empire at the early Khmer capital of Hariharalaya. There are several statures of bulls at the front of the central towers which provide excellent photo opportunities which somewhat makes up for the lack of artistic design. You could spend 20-30 minutes here, and is best to do so during the morning light.

Preah Ko


Late 9th century (880)


Preah Ko


Indravarman I



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