Prasat Prei

Prasat Prei is a small and often unvisited Buddhist temple hidden in a forest near Neak Pean. The temple is largely deteriorated, and many of the sandstone bricks are scattered all around the site, with 2 buildings or chambers left semi-standing. Prasat Prei was constructed in Bayon style by Jayavarman VII in the late 12th to early
13th century, and consisted of a central tower, a surrounding wall and a library. With a lack of carvings and religious ties, this site remains one of the quiter of the Angkor ruins, although a spare 10 minutes woud allow enough time to visit which makes it a definite go-to. Just North of Angkor Thom, Prasat Prei is often paired with a visit to Neak Pean.
Prasat Prei


Late 12th to early 13th centuries




Jayavarman VII