Phnom Bakheng

Phnom Bakheng is perhaps one of the most important of the Angkorian temples, due to the fact that this was the first major temple to be constructed in the Angkor area marking the move of the capital of the Khmer empire from Roluos to Angkor in the late 9th

century. It was constructed between the 9th and 10th century by Yasovarman I, and served as a place of Hindu worship. Built in typical Bahkeng style, its located just South of the Southern wall of Angkor Thom, and consists of a large mountain-like temple with several smaller towers shooting off from the main temple. Being located on the top of a hill, Phnom Bahkeng proves to be one of the favourite locations to visit by tourists and archaeologists alike as it boasts one of the nicest sunset views in the AAP. You could spend up to and over an hour here, and it is highly encouraged to do so in the evening light to ensure the best photo opportunities.

Phnom Bakheng


Late 9th to early 10th centuries (907)




Yasovaman I



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