Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is an archaeological site consisting of many large rock carvings and inscriptions, located 25km North-East of the main group of Angkor ruins. It runs along about 150m of the Stung Kbal Spean river. The main content of the stone carvingsĀ  (which are

mostly sandstone and rocks from the river) is myriads of lingams. (phallic symbol of Hindu god Shiva)
Kbal Spean was constructed during the 11th and 12th centuries as King Suryavarman I and King Udayadityavarman II ruled. It is recommended to visit if one is already heading North of the Angkor Archaeological Park as it is so far removed from the rest of the ruins, and you could expect to spend around 20 minutes here, although it's not recommended to visit if it's the only site you intend to attend in that area.

Kbal Spean


11th/12th century




Udayadityavarman II


Hinduism and Buddhism

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