Bat Chum

Bat Chum is a trio of small brick towers erected in the 10th century by Rajendravarman, and served as a Buddhist temple during a time when Hinduism dominated. It is located near Srah Srang - just East of Angkor Thom. The main features of these towers that attract travellers and archaeologists alike is the inscriptions on the doorways. They show a praise to the architect who also designed East Mebon and Pre Rup, a praise noting the Buddhist dedication and perhaps the favourite of travellers to Bat Chum is the inscriptions which notifies local elephant handlers to "keep their elephants off the dykes". Any time of day is suitable to visit these ruins, and you can expect to spend about 15 minutes here, although the morning light is more suitable for photography.

Bat Chum


Mid 10th century


Pre Rup


Rajendravarman II