Banteay Prei

Banteay Prei is another of Jayavarman VII's erections, constructed around the same time as Banteay Kdei, between the 12th and 13th century. Like Banteay Kdei, it's built in the style of Bayon and is another must-visit if you're exploring the Angkor Archaeological Park.
Banteay Prei is constructed of sandstone, and in turn has deteriorated much more than the latter temples, but still stands enough to be a notable attraction of the Angkor Park. A lot of travellers choose not to visit this site as it's not as big and magnificent as a lot of the other ruins, which makes it a calm stop for anyone in the area. It is located just East of the Angkor Thom walls, and should be visited between major ruin stops due to the small size. (Visit between Neak Pean and Preah Khan for an easy link) You can expect to spend around 5-15 minutes here, and is suitable to visit any time of the day.
Banteay Prei


Late 12th century and later




Jayavarman VII