Ak Yum

Ak Yum is one of the many ancient temples of the Angkor region in Cambodia. It's situated near the South-West corner of the West Baray, being one of the Western-most ruins in the Angkor Archaeological Park. It has been dated back to around the 7th-8th century, although it is believed that several repairs have been made

during it's existence as late as the 11th century. The oldest structure on the site is a one-room brick chamber that has deteriorated, but has been extended with a latter-addition of a stepped 'pyramid' type structure with a base of near 100msq. Ak Yum is a prime example of classic Khmer architecture, and is a must-visit for anyone traveling to the Angkor ruins. You can visit this temple any time of the year, and you can expect to spend about 20-30 minutes at this location.

Ak Yum


Second half of the 8th century