“The Future Of Tourism in Cambodia”, Siem Reap, Tuesday 29 May 2018

This Tuesday 29 May 2018, we officially launched publicly our service here in Siem Reap, BookAngkorTukTuk.com. We organised an event around the topic of The Future of Tourism in Cambodia at The Grey Khmer Grill Restaurant in town.

First of all, we want to warmly thanks the attendees, partners and speakers for joining us on this great journey, all of us had a great time! Thanks to the speakers Richard Mackay, Phalla Seang, Jeff Laflamme and Leo Denes and to the partners AngkorHub, Geekho, Startup&Angels, Geeks In Cambodia, MealTemple, KhmerLoad and KhmerHome.com.

We had four talks during the evening :

Richard Mackay, from MackayStrategic, spoke about the Future of Angkor’s Temples tourism industry. During this talk, he introduced the Angkor Tourism Management Plan that he wrote between 2012 and 2014 on the government request.

Phalla Seang, from ChildSafe Movement, spoke about the child protection in the tourism industry. She introduced her audience to the basics of the responsible tourism and a responsible business in the tourism industry.


Jeff Laflamme, from Geekho, spoke about leveraging technology to facilitate tourism in Cambodia. His talk about the internet tools was full of tips and secrets to improve your online marketing.

Leo Denes, from Startup&Angels and co-founder of Book Angkor Tuk Tuk, introduced our new web platform to book Tuk Tuk tours online.

The video of the full talk is on our Facebook page here : Future of Tourism in Cambodia - Talk.

Thank you to our official photographer Thibault Voisin for his beautiful pics.

So if you want to experience real curated tuktuk tours in Angkor, book and pay online with Book Angkor Tuk Tuk!

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