Planning on visiting Angkor Wat?

You may have seen the perfect sunrise shot of Cambodia’s incredible Angkor Wat on instagram, but have you ever considered visiting yourself?
The Angkor Temples are regarded as one of the most incredible archaeological sites on earth. It spans for over 400 square kilometres of picturesque and intriguing views of ancient ruins. However these ruins are not temples alone, there was once an entire city operating within this area, almost a thousand years ago.
So what happened to this city? Archaeologists are actually still trying to figure out what led it to its collapse. It is believed that the city included a terrific amount of houses, canals, ponds and roads, and that after its collapse, the locals began using the area for rice fields, and covered the temples and palaces in gold.
Sounds interesting, right? But don’t just go rushing in! Keep in mind that experts suggest visiting the different temples in order from the least to most recent, so that you can see how the design has developed over the years! Also, keep an eye out for the hidden art, that can be found on the walls of the temples, but only if you have a keen eye! Experts suggest that if you’re not looking for them, you won’t be able to see them! You can also download an app that will analyze and enhance any images you take of the artwork.
Another thing to keep an eye out for, is the tiny stegosaurus carved into the walls of the Ta Prohm temple. Scientists have actually tried to use this as evidence that dinosaurs did roam the earth at the same time humans were around to wirnees them (and make cool carvings, of course)!
The Cambodian temples are a definite must-see during your trip, but remember, experts suggest spending up to 3 days there to truly enjoy the site. They also suggest staying flexible in your route around the site, to avoid masses of tourists in the same place at the same time!

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