Feel like a movie star in Asia!

Hollywood and New York may be the first places you think of when you consider the bright lights of modern day acting and cinema, however maybe some Asian countries should be higher up on your list!

With its beautiful scenery and incredible architecture, these Asian countries have put themselves in the spotlight as being the perfect back drop to some of our favourite films! Many tourists are flocking to the sites where their favourite actors have been filmed, and to retrace the steps of the incredible characters within these movies. This list mentions only a few of the many backdrops that Asia has provided for western cinema!


Indonesia – Bali

As well as being home to countless surfing movies, Bali has also gained a cinematic reputation since the filming of iconic ‘eat, pray, love’  in which the beautiful rice paddies and pristine beaches are captured during Elizabeth Gilbert’s journey of self discovery.

Many hotels, spas and resorts offer tours that retrace the characters steps, and highlight the exact scene where pivotal moments in the film occurred!


Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Lara croft, the fierce female protagonist in Tomb Raider, played by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, has popularized the traditional Cambodian temple, the Angkor Wat.  So much so that it is commonly referred to by tourists as the ‘Tomb Temple”!

Located in Siem Reap, the temples are the country's largest attraction, with nearly 2.5 million people visiting a year. Hundreds of tourists flock to this destination to shadow Lara’s foot steps, adventuring in the ruined and overgrown architecture that was once a beautiful city.



Kong – Skull Island is the largest film production that Vietnam has ever hosted.  This American Monster Film features the picturesque scenery of Vietnam, as the directors reboot the King Kong franchise.  The movie has encouraged plenty of tourists to visit Vietnam, and the locals have cashed in on tourists who would love to be seen where the monsters themselves stood! They offer plenty of special tours and sell merchandise of all kinds! It is truly a destination for a huge fan!

Visit Lara Croft's temple

3 Days Tour

Adventure Tour

Explore Angkor from top to bottom.
3 Days Tour

Time Traveler Tour

Travel throughout the Angkor history.
2 Days Tour

Experience Tour

Enjoy the essential of Angkor.

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