Getting withdrawal from your trip to Cambodia?

We’ve all spent hours going through old photos from our most memorable trips. But sometimes happy snaps and homemade collages just don’t cut it! This is where google comes in and saves the day!

The Angkor Temples are a phenomenal sight, a thousand year old living monument, and one of the worlds greatest architectural wonders! It simply must be visited to understand how incredible it truly is, however, google have created the next best thing.

Only recently, Google have uploaded more than 90’000 new panoramic images in street view in their Google maps program. The images cover the entirety of the site, which spans for a fantastic four hundred square kilometres.

The group product manager of Google recently announced that “Whether it’s revisiting iconic sites such as Bayon Temple in time for the Khmer New Year or studying the Ramayana’s Battle of Lanka bas relief carvings within Angkor Wat, Street View can help you more easily explore Angkor’s rich heritage.

The images feature five key sites in the Angkor Temples, including the famous Ta Prohm, which was used as the location for Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, and Banteay Srei (the ladies temple), which is characterized by its uniquely pink sandstone walls.

It also allows the user to zoom in so far they can even see the detail of the carvings on the walls. This may be a point of interest to many, as there are several speculations as to the creatures featured in the carvings, and their similarity to dinosaurs, suggesting that there was, at one stage, humans and dinosaurs coexisting on this earth!

Google has stated that they hope that their new imagery will allow people from all over the world to explore the beauty and history of the Angkor Temples. They further suggested that through this task they have demonstrated how technology can change the way cultural treasures are preserved for generations to come

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