Fine Dining in Siem Reap

The massive increase in tourists to Cambodia has encouraged an influx of culinary delicacies, available to all of their valuable visitors. With traditional Cambodian food significantly crafting their menus, it gives the tourists a taste for their countries delicious staples. The chefs also include an amalgamation of western influence into their meals, creating a dining experience like no other! Here is a short list of the best fine dining restaurants in SIem Reap in Cambodia, however more and more are popping up all the time, with imported and local flavours and construction!

Embassy Restaurant:

Embassy has a fantastic and dynamic menu, that changes every month! It offers some of the strangest culinary experiences in Cambodia, and is certainly worth a try!

The all female team of chefs are gurus at intertwining indigenous ingredients such as local herbs and spices into their high class meals. They combine flavours such as lemongrass and fish with traditional herbs and sauces, to create a beautiful twist on a standard Asian meal.

Cusines Wat Damnak

If you are wanting to experience the only restaurant in Cambodia to appear on the Asia’s 50 top restaurants list, you may have to book months in advance! This restaurant is incredible popular with tourists and locals alike.

The open air dining and beautiful views are only the beginning of what this restaurant has to offer!

The head chef of this restaurant is actually French! Johannes Riviere is a culinary master who came to teach in Cambodia, but then fell for the cultures flavour and detail, ad remained there ever since. He successfully crafts traditional Cambodian meals with a french twist, such as his amazing chocolate desserts, with local tropical fruits and served by the ever so humble Cambodian waitresses.

Mie Cafe

Almost hidden but its incredibly casual appearance, mie cafe is the speak-easy of the fine dining world.  The menu consists of complex and innovative meals, and celebrates the traditional ingredients and culture of Cambodia.

It offers some of the most unique recipes in the country, for example Cambodian protein powder, made of red ants, and meals that are an amalgamation of ratatouille, pineapple and local sausage!

This restaurant should be at the top of your list for n unusual yet distinctly Cambodian culinary experience!

copyright Mie Cafe

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