The Mysterious Angkor Wat

The Angkor Wat temple has been the focus of many curious explorers for hundreds of years. The 12th Century Buddhist Temple, located in Cambodia, is unlike any other on the planet. Its sheer size demands great respect, as well as its beauty and incredible history.  However since the European discovery of it in 1589, many questions have arisen.
Many adventurers and scientists alike have pursued the ancient civilization, but cannot understand the detail of how the ruined society operated.  It has been described as ‘Grander than anything left by us in Greece or Rome’ by a young French naturalist, in 1861.

Only quite recently (2007) did we discover that the Angkor Wat site was the epicentre of a large Cambodian society. This was found through the use of NASA equipment, specifically designed for ground sensing.

Even more recently (2012), 2 archaeologists (one Australian and one French), discovered the lost city of Mahendraparvata, 40 kilometres north of Angkor. This was found through a form of laser scanning that can see through the ground below, and identify streets and buildings where the human eye can only see fields and trees.
Research suggests the downfall of this once great city was due to overpopulation., however we can’t be sure. It seems, through irrigation and road mapping, that the city was expanding at a phenomenal rate. This seemed to cause unsustainable deforestation, overworked irrigation systems and it damaged the soil quality.

There is also speculation that war impacted the city more than the increasing population. Thailand's invasion of the Cambodian Empire, may have impacted the state and livability of the land and society.

Scientists still have many questions about this site, however the Angkor Wat is nowadays mainly enjoyed by tourists. This threatens the area for further research, as the visitors impact the state of the land. The excessive use of water is threatening the water table of the land, and the stones are being worn from traffic.

Hopefully we can discover more about this incredible site before it is too late. With the developments in technology and increase in ecological awareness by tourists, we hope that this could be a reasonable goal for the next decade.

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