Angkor Wat – one of mans most incredible constructions

The Angkor Temples provides an unmatchable source of national pride for Cambodia and its people. The monumental size of the site is impressive alone, spanning for over 400 square kilometres. However considering the entire place is an architectural tribute to the sacred Mountain Meru of Hindu mythology, makes it all the more fascinating.

Interestingly, the temple is no longer used for Hindu religion, and rather has shifted to a representation of Buddhism, which is still practised there today.

The ingenuity of the Cambodians in the 12th century, when it was built, is also nothing to be scoffed at. They skilfully used sandstone, rather than the other commonly used materials of the time, such as bricks. It is intriguing however, how the stones were laid without the use of mortar! Some scientists have claimed that they must have used iron rods or pegs were used as tools, far more advanced than any other construction during that period.

More so, there were between 5 and 10 million blocks used in its construction, meaning that the city of Angkor used up far greater amounts of stone than all the pyramids of Egypt put together. In addition to this, these stones were carried all the way from the mountains, over 40 kilometres from the site of the temples! There are multiple theories on how the Cambodians achieved this, one suggesting they took a route that was actually over 80 km long!

Additionally, all these sandstone walls have been painted and carved, with beautiful images of animals, people, and spiritual beings! However you must look closely, after all these years, some of the artwork is almost entirely ‘hidden’.

The site is now largely used fro tourism and study, and scientists are still searching for the answers to many more questions about the engineering and construction of this fantastic site. They additionally have questions about the society and lifestyle that occurred within this city, and how exactly it came to its downfall.

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