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Why Siem Reap & Angkor Temples?

Angkor Archaeological Park in Cambodia is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and is one of the greatest wonders on earth, where you can see the magnificent remains of the various capitals of the Khmer Empire, from the 9th to the 15th century. TukTuk tours are the most authentic way to visit the temples.

We Offer Transparent Prices

One of the major problems when visiting the temples is that everyone will pay a different price. Sometimes prices can almost double for the same tour, depending on how you booked it.

We Pay Drivers a Fair Revenue

Sometimes local TukTuk drivers are not paid well by local operators, agents, agencies and hotels. We give back 67% to 83% of our prices to our local BookAngkorTukTuk drivers. No intermediaries.

By booking with us, you make the difference

As a ChildSafe Supporter we play our part in protecting children in the workplace and community. ChildSafe builds a protective environment for children, especially street children, to safeguard them from abusive situations. It directly involves the local and international community – especially businesses, families and key community leaders, as well as travelers. ChildSafe trains key people to keep their eyes wide open, recognize situations when children might be at risk and know how to respond.

We Offer a Premium Service

We individually checked and interviewed all the drivers working with us. We tested and approved each of our tours one by one. Some are classic ones, some are for explorers. And we offer bottled water to each of our clients.

View Our Tours

Either you just have one or two days, or if you have even more than a week in Siem Reap, we have tours for everyone. From Instagramers to Indiana Jones!

3 Days

Adventure Tour

Explore Angkor from top to bottom.

2 Days

Experience Tour

Enjoy the essential of Angkor.

3 Days

Time Traveler Tour

Travel throughout the Angkor history.

1 Day

Discovery Tour 1

The perfect way to start your visit of Angkor.

1 Day

Discovery Tour 2

For those who want to discover more about Angkor.

1 Day

Explorer Tour 1

Explore the northern temples.

1 Day

Explorer Tour 2

Visit the oldest of Angkor.

"Easy way to book a Tuk Tuk for a tour to Angkor. Great service that comes with a book of Angkor to guide you through the tour. The driver picked me up at my hostel and even stopped to offer me corn and a sweet drink. I highly recommend."
Discovery Tour 1 with David
"The tour was highly flexible, we ended up changing the itinerary a bit as we were travelling with young kids and needed to adjust for them. Our drivers were lovely and spoke English well, they took us to places that were less touristic and more authentic. We absolutely loved it!"
Adventure Tour with Luck and Alex
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